Item: Requirements to acquire approval from an ethics committee for Iceland


Administrative data


  • Ethical approval

Ethical text

The National Bioethics Committee (Vísindasiðanefnd (NBC)) represents the ethics committee in Iceland. Task of the NBC is to consider scientific research protocols in the biomedical field. The members of the committee should have an expertise in biomedical sciences, ethics of research, human rights and social science. There are also two Institutional Review Boards (The Ethics Committee of Landspítali University Hospital and the Ethics Committee of Akureyri Hospital) that shall consider protocols for scientific studies in the biomedical field to be carried out within the mandate of the respective ethics committee. The service of the committees is free of charge.


Is approval from an ethics committee required?

The Data Protection Authority, having received the opinion of the Science Ethics Committee, issues rules on how individuals may be selected and approached for their participation in scientific research, and on what information shall be given to them before they are asked to give their consent to the processing of sensitive data (cf. Article 9 of the DPA).


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